25 thoughts on “The Dirty Side of the Clasico ||Real Madrid 3 4 Fc Barcelona|| 24/03/2014

  1. those madrid pigs act when barcelona hit them bitch ..sergio busquets hits
    pepe on his head . he is an actor ..you madrid faggot are actors like
    dumb girls always barcelona rape you 5.0 5.2 go fuck ur self piece of shit
    ..luis Surez is coming to destroy those scum

  2. Holy shit all these people are fighting an misspelling shit in the comments
    about who is better, how about it was a dirty game and neither side was
    clean both teams players were diving and red cards were given so stop
    complaining and watch the video 

  3. wwwhhhhyyyyyy issssss ttthhhiiisss whhhoollleeeeee vvvidddeeoooooooo
    innnnnn sloooooooo moootiooonnnnnnn?????

  4. Stupid video -.- u only show the *bad* of real madrid… AND

  5. If the barcelona players are the best!!! why are they laying on the grass
    craying like little baby’s all the freaking time

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