Suarez praises Messi

Barcelona striker Luis Suarez has praised Lionel Messi’s performance in the match against Espanyol.

He said that Messi is a talented player and that he does tricks that no one else can do. He said that it is as if you are playing with a PlayStation character in real life.

Indeed Lionel Messi has been outstanding in the match against Espanyol and has created some great opportunities for Luis Suarez. The latter said that if it were not for Messi, it would have been difficult for him to score some of the goals.

Luis Suarez said that Lionel Messi is a unique talent and that he makes things become simple on the pitch. He stated that Espanyol struggled to cope with the talent and skills of Lionel Messi and they were carved up open at times by the Argentina international.

Indeed Lionel Messi was outstanding on the second goal for Barcelona. He managed to get past a couple of Espanyol players before passing the ball to Luis Suarez for a simple tap-in. The former Liverpool striker said that he would have preferred that Messi scored that goal as he deserved to finish this wonderful move that he has started.

Luis Suarez stated that this is a goal that you expect to score on PlayStation and not in real life. He indicated that it is all down to Messi’s quality and that it is a pleasure for him to be playing such a talented player.

Suarez believes that Barcelona has a great chance of winning the title if Messi plays like he is playing at the moment and that he will do everything he can in order to help the team win games.

Suarez said that Barcelona is the best team in the world and that he has no intention of moving away from the club.