25 thoughts on “Marc-André ter Stegen at Barcelona – Football Manager Experiment

  1. See what happens to Lord Bendtner now that he has left Arsenal on a free.

    But in all seriousness I think it would be neat to see a created character
    with the potential of 200 and a current ability of 20~. Start him at at 14
    in the lower leagues of england/spain etc and see where he has all gone by
    the time he is 30!

  2. A little request here, could you for future experiments show the attributes
    polygon more? I feel like changes in attributes are easier to compare that
    way with experiments like this.

    Good video nonetheless

  3. Hi Jack, great videos but I’d like to see you do a Newcastle United
    team…I’ve tried many things with them and on FM14 I just cannot get them
    to work well…FM13 and previous games I could get to Champions League
    within a season or two but in FM14 I’m finding it near impossible!

  4. Reverse the English leagues so that City, Chelsea, Arsenal etc are in the
    lowest league and they have to work their way back up to the top. I reckon
    that would be quite interesting.

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