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  1. 2009-2010= 33 goals
    2010-2011= 53 goals
    2011-2012= 59 goals
    2012-2013= 55 goals
    2013-2014= 48 goals (so far) (5 games remaining)

  2. Sit back and Enjoy the goals of the best player in the world with Real


  3. These are all of Ronaldo’s 250 goals at Madrid! He will score more but for
    now he has 250. #halamadrid 

  4. Make a video which includes his Manchester United and Portugal goals — as
    well as the ones he missed by the grace of who knows who, or what
    (Cristiano Ronaldo vs Luck) — and the notion that this may very well be
    the greatest footballer of all times may begin to dawn on even the most
    hateful of his critics. 

  5. Top 5 Real Madrid players of all-time as of RIGHT NOW:

    1. Alfredo Di Stefano
    2. Ferenc Puskas
    3. Cristiano Ronaldo
    4. Zinedine Zidane
    5. Raul Gonzalez Blanco

    In terms of PURE talent, Cristiano is easily the best on this list. If he
    brings Madrid “La Decima” he will no doubt have soldified his legacy as not
    only the greatest Madrid player of all-time but probably also the greatest
    European forward of all-time. His stats are nothing short of SUPERNATURAL.

  6. I’m a fan of Cristiano since the time of United and came to the following

    Ronaldo at United was more dribbler and welfare ie dribble and give passes.
    Ronaldo at Real became further decisive goal scorer a born killer.

    Between the two Ronaldos I get the United.

  7. I am a Real Madrid fan Cristiano Ronaldo has sensational skills and goal’s
    he should win player of the year award plus he’s better than Lionel Messi 

  8. Personally I think Messi is the best player in the world, but Ronaldo is a
    phenomenally talented player, and I’m not here to be inflammatory. However
    having watched ALL 250 of Ronaldo’s goals, I would like to raise a point
    regarding the ‘Messi is only good because of Xavi and Iniesta’ argument
    that is frequently wheeled out by those who view Ronaldo not as a
    footballer but as a god. The argument which implies Messi is fed through
    ball after through ball on a golden platter, whereas Ronaldo’s team
    comprises only Ronaldo himself, and ten motionless bags of shite.

    As stated above, I watched all the goals, and noticed that there are
    certain types of goal which come up more than others – the most notable
    being the wonderful knuckleball free kicks. But the other two which stand
    out are the ones where Ronaldo scores with his head from a free-kick or
    cross, and the ones where Ronaldo scores a tap-in at the far post.

    The header’s are a demonstration of Ronaldo’s remarkable physical prowess;
    I don’t think there is another player in the modern game who can jump as
    high as CR7, particularly not a winger. And the desire and positional
    awareness to be in the position for those tap-ins are key features of
    Ronaldo’s game, and traits which make him one of the best players of all

    But it is IMPOSSIBLE to create a tap-in for yourself, or score a header
    from your own cross. Physically impossible. I’m not trying to take anything
    away from Ronaldo. I’m trying to point out that he is in no way at a
    disadvantage to Messi. He has had Mesut Özil behind him for three seasons
    for crying out loud!

    Everything these players – Ronaldo and Messi – do, they do because they are
    extraordinarily talented. Stop making up reasons to put them down. And just
    because you’ve picked your favourite doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the
    other. You’ll enjoy football far more if you’re open-minded about it.

    tl;dr stop being dicks

  9. Cristiano: gran chut, gran olfato goleador. Un jugadorazo… a años luz de
    Messi, pero un jugadorazo. Además, miraos el video… Cristiano PENALDO,

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