24 thoughts on “Barcelona’s Tiki Taka Vs Pep Guardiola FC Bayern Munchen’s Tiki Taka

  1. If bayern’s tiki taka was slowed down it would less enjoyable!
    Barca at normal speed is more enjoyable!
    Plus Bayern’s tiki taka is just pass twice,then have a player do run, then
    again pass twice, then to the striker and finish. When Barcelona’s tiki
    taka is just random. It’s at times energetic quick passing run,great
    midfield passing and great through balls, or just a triangle doing superb
    passing getting quickly closer to goal and finishing it amazingly! 

  2. In season 2008-09 barca did not make a lot of tiki taka but in season
    2010-11 is where the tiki taka got real 

  3. Barcelona in 2011 was the greatest football team ever, bayern would not be
    able to do tiki taka like that, and bayern are superb. When barca beat
    manchester united 3-1 in the champions league final, that was the peak of
    tiki taka and the very best team to ever play. Nobody would beat that team

  4. Tiki taka (one-touch play) is not just passing the ball around. It needs
    intelligent players who knows their duties and creates space for their team
    mates to exploit. They build up their play from zone to zone and look for
    holes in the opponent players to exploit.

  5. Bayern doesn’t play Tiki Taka they are not Barca 2.0
    Guardiola created his own Tactic for the Bayern Game.

    Bayern plays a lot more safety passes then Barca.

    Barca plays more risky and faster.

  6. Barca’s tiki take is with quick touches and very little ball skill and
    mostley first touches. Bayer’s tiki take takes more time and they keep the
    ball with one player for longer so that the other players have a few
    seconds get into space and into an angle to either pass or shoot and plus
    they have the counter attack option 

  7. Why did u pick every barca tiki taka moment having messi involved felt like
    i was watching messi tiki taka vs bayern

  8. Barcas Tiki Taka was or is the best football of the world, Bayern can not
    copy this cause they have no Xavi, Iniesta or Messi and I have to say this
    as a Bayern fan.

  9. we don’t have players plays tiki taka like xavi iniesta alves ; we need
    more time for play this tactics

  10. bayern shouldnt play tiki taka… best style for bayern is counter attack..
    bring back haynckes and make this fucking pep get the fuck outta here 

  11. FC Barcelona tiki taka is the best the world has ever seen. 4 years 14

  12. He speeds up bayern because bayern dribbles then does a pass but Barca
    actually does tiki taka

  13. tiki-taka is impressive but Barcelona have lost that game.
    now with neymar and suarez in and pep gone the tiki-taka is just about dead

  14. Tiki Taka needs players like Xavi or Iniesta and Messi as a bonus if it is
    going to work

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