Atanasio Girardot Sports Complex saw Biggest Name in Football History

It’s always nice to see Footballers do something for the welfare of the people.

One such occasion was yesterday at Atanasio Girardot Sports Complex when some of the biggest names in the game took the pitch to play a friendly game to raise funds for the charity organisation of the Colombian winger Juan Cuadrado.

The game took place between Pogba XI and Cuadrado XI and eventually it was the former which ended up as the winners by a fair margin of 3 goals, but, the result was totally irrelevant. The game was more about having fun for both the spectators and the players and everybody indeed had great fun right through the course of the contest.

Pogba was the most famous name on display and majority of the spectators had gathered in the anticipation of a great show from him. While the French star was not bad on the field, it was actually his sibling who stole the real limelight.

Mathias Pogba, whom not many Football fans around the globe know as he features for Sparta Rotterdam which is not amongst the biggest clubs in the world, managed to find the net twice in the game and finished as the highest scorer from both sides.

Paul Pogba also played his part with a solitary strike, but, his sibling was better than him on the night.

However more than the goals, what was amusing and enjoyable for the spectators was to see the celebratory dance of the two brothers when they scored.

At the end of the day, the purpose of the game was served and a big amount was raised for Cuadrado charity organisation which works towards the skill development of the underprivileged youngsters by offering them specific courses related to art etc.