World Rugby Seeking Spain V Belgium Replay

World Rugby now wants to see the Spain’s controversial World Cup qualifying defeat against Belgium and want it to be replayed. It is now also investigating if nations have any ineligible players playing in the tournament.

The whole incident go like this after a shocking 18-10 defeat against Belgium on 18 March, Spain lodged a formal complaint to the Rugby Europe and the World Rugby. Continue reading “World Rugby Seeking Spain V Belgium Replay”

Spanish RWC Qualifying Match Under Investigation

The controversy that has embroiled out of the Rugby World Cup qualifying game between Spain and Belgium has taken very serious proportions. It has caused a shame to the rugby world as a whole and hence the officials are looking to ensure that the spirit of the game is not affected.

The Rugby Europe has decided to look into the controversy of the match in detail. Against all the odds, Belgium defeated Spain. The Spanish players soon vented their anger on the Romanian referee Vlad Iordachescu for unfair refereeing. The loss of Spain in this game meant that they did not get a direct entry into the 2019 Rugby World Championship event. Belgium’s win against Spain on Sunday meant that Romania qualified for the 2019 RWC. Continue reading “Spanish RWC Qualifying Match Under Investigation”